Pallet sleeve box

Pallet sleeve box is a versatile ‘sleeve pack’ system consisted of 3 parts: Lid, Sleeve and Pallet, designed to store and transport more products in less space, Pallet sleeve box can be completely collapsed when empty for efficient reverse logistics.

Pallet Sleeve Box are the eco-friendly collapsible bulk containers used for storage, transit and warehousing in industrial supply chain.

The Sleeve, made of high strength, high payload polypropylene structural material referred to as “honeycomb”, with high physical durability and light-weight. It’s impressive impact and compressive strength due to air-lock technology keeps damage at bay during rough transportation.The sleeve has customized window options on both length walls for the easy access of operators while loading and unloading of the product from the box.

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Pallet Container feature

Our plastic pallet boxes and bulk storage containers are extremely robust. Manufactured from scratch resistant material, they are smooth and easy to clean, We offer low prices and have large stocks.

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we have a variety of plastic pallet bins with both solid and ventilated styles available, these particular pallet boxes are used to store and distribute heavy and bulky items, they are either fitted with runners or pallet feet for transportation by fork lift truck or pallet truck.