Plastic gaylord box

As the plastic Gaylord box is much more durable than those made of paper,The simple, yet powerful plastic Gaylord pallet container has become a staple of the warehousing industry. Gaylord containers are heavy duty reusable, collapsible bulk containers used to consolidate multiple piece shipments.


  • light, stable plastic gaylord boxes
  • foldable pallet sleeve
  • up to 80% decreased transport costs
  • guaranteed safe, clean, and efficient transportation
  • weather resistant
  • easily cleaned

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Pallet Container feature

Our plastic pallet boxes and bulk storage containers are extremely robust. Manufactured from scratch resistant material, they are smooth and easy to clean, We offer low prices and have large stocks.

we are a bulk storage containers manufacturer,shop at low price with our factory, cheap plastic pallet box wholesale.

we have a variety of plastic pallet bins with both solid and ventilated styles available, these particular pallet boxes are used to store and distribute heavy and bulky items, they are either fitted with runners or pallet feet for transportation by fork lift truck or pallet truck.